If you want to have the best looking lawn on the block, there is one simple secret that you need to start giving it. Food. Just like you require sustenance to grow healthy and strong (well, maybe you aren’t growing anymore,) so does your lawn. Our lawn care service in Cummng can get you on a regular lawn fertilization schedule. That way you can get the lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors and the joy of your family members.

Benefits of fertilizing Your Lawn

We’re glad you asked:

#1 Going Barefoot

When your lawn is lush and thick, it will practically beg you to start going barefoot. Your cookouts and games of tag will be enhanced with the feel of the soft blades of grass beneath your bare feet. It will look as good as it feels. Your kids may never want to come back inside when they begin to run carefree through the thick carpet of grass in your backyard.

#2 No Worry

Knowing that Absolute Lawn Pros is taking care of your regular lawn “feedings” will give you peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that your fertilized lawn will have deep grass roots, and the weeds and clover won’t stand a chance. The process of fertilizing the lawn takes mere minutes, and it can be added to other routine maintenance lawn tasks.

#3 Keeping It Fresh

All plants and animals need food to survive. Giving your lawn a fertilization treatment is like feeding your cat. It provides the sustenance your grass needs, and in return, your grass will give you a little fresh air. One acre of grass produces enough oxygen to meet the breathing needs of nearly 70 people. Your neighbors can thank you for providing for the oxygen needs of the entire neighborhood, maybe you can get a discount on your HOA fees!

Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is as easy as food and water. Feeding and watering your lawn regularly will keep it looking great and being enjoyable for years to come. Are you ready for lawn service in Cumming? Ready to get your lawn ready for the summer? Contact Absolute Lawn Pros, and let us do all the big lawn jobs for you. We can set you up on the maintenance plan you need today.

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