Leaves are a necessary part of the fall season. They provide vital nutrients to the soil and help keep our yards looking great. However, many people need help with whether to rake or mulch leaves.

Fall leaf management is a critical part of lawn care. When leaves are left on the ground, they can smother grass and create an ideal environment for pests and diseases.


Raking or mulching are two options for managing fallen leaves. While raking can be an effective way to clean up leaves, it is tedious and time-consuming. Mulching offers many benefits that make it the preferred choice over-raking.

Read on to understand mulching and why it is better than raking leaves.

What Is Mulching?

Mulching is a yard care practice that involves spreading a material layer, such as wood chips or leaves, over the soil. Here’s how it works: The mulch acts as a protective blanket that helps keep weeds at bay while regulating soil temperature. It’s essential to use the right mulch and lay it in a thin layer (around 2 inches thick). This will help prevent compaction, impeding water absorption and oxygen flow.

What Are the Benefits of Mulching Leaves?

Mulching leaves is a great way to reduce garden maintenance, promote healthier soils and help protect your plants. The benefits of mulching leaves have been proven repeatedly — it can save you hours of work, improve the look and health of your garden, and even make your lawn greener.

1) Reduced Maintenance

Compared to raking and collecting leaves, mulching them reduces the time needed for garden maintenance. When you mulch your leaves, you chop them into smaller pieces that break down faster than if they remained in large, whole clumps. This process helps speed up the decomposition process of the leaf matter, which ultimately eliminates the need to rake or bag the leaves.

2) Healthier Soils

Mulching your leaves also helps promote healthier soils and improve drainage. By breaking down the leaf material, you can create a natural compost that will help nourish the soil in your garden and make it more hospitable for plant growth. Additionally, mulched leaves help improve the soil’s water-holding capacity by creating air pockets that help to absorb, store and distribute moisture evenly throughout the soil.

3) Greener Lawns

Mulching your leaves can also make your lawn greener. The mulched material acts as a protective layer over your grass, helping it to retain nutrients and moisture during the fall and winter. This layer also helps insulate the grass from extreme temperatures, preventing the soil underneath from becoming too cold. As a result, you can achieve a lush green lawn with minimal effort.

4) Natural Fertilizer

Finally, mulching leaves can be a natural fertilizer for your garden. The leaf matter will break down over time and release essential nutrients into the soil, helping to nourish your plants and promote healthier growth. As a bonus, this process is also eco-friendly since it reduces the waste you create.

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