As the seasons change, it is important to stop and think about what you need to do to prep your lawn. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your landscaping is or what colors are trending if your lawn looks dead and ugly. One aspect of lawn preparation that you need to keep in mind? Overseeding.

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeing might sounds like placing too much seed in your soil, but it actually refers to where the seed is placed: on top of your existing lawn. There is no need to turn over the soil; you simply spread the seed evenly over your lawn, going a little heavy in bare spots, and let the seeds take root.

When to Overseed a Lawn

If your lawn is thin, patchy, or there are lots of bare spots, it is a good idea to go ahead and overseed. But what if your lawn is looking pretty solid already?

Overseeding is still a good choice even if you are overall pleased with the way your grass looks. But in this case, you should let the seasons guide you.

When should you overseed your lawn according to the season? The best time to overseed in the South is late spring into mid-summer. This is because the types of grasses that grow here in Georgia need warmer soil temperatures in order to germinate.

What if summer is gone? Have you missed your chance? Not necessarily.While it might not be the best time to overseed your lawn, it can still produce results. And if it does, it will provide extra protection against winter weather.

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Getting the Best Results

If you are worried about getting the right results on your own, don’t worry—you aren’t alone. Our lawn care service in Alpharetta is here to help you. We know the methods and products that produce the best results, even when fall is already upon us.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the upkeep of your lawn, we can help you. We offer professional lawn care services for all types of grasses and soil conditions so that your property is always looking great without any stress on you. For a beautiful lawn without the worry, give us a call today!

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