Just like any plant, grass needs to be watered in order to grow to its full potential. Healthy grass that has been watered adequately, fertilized correctly, and been given plenty of TLC will be lush, green, and full of life.

We all want a lawn like this. But watering the lawn isn’t very intuitive. How often should we be watering our lawns? How much water should they get? What seasons are most important for watering? And how do we avoid drowning our lawns?

We at Absolute Lawn Pros have the answer to these questions and more. So let’s explore: what’s the best way to water the lawn?

How Should I Water The Lawn? Lawn Care Tips

Best Seasons for Watering the Lawn

Depending on where you live, your lawn will need water at different times. In a Southern climate like Georgia, lawns need water year round: even during the winter. Grass doesn’t grow in the winter, but grass still benefits from getting some hydration. If you fertilize in the fall, watering the lawn in the late fall and early winter will help the fertilizer’s nutrients soak into the ground.

In colder climates, you should skip watering the lawn during the winter: it won’t do much good. However, if you have a dry yet unseasonably warm winter day, you can feel free to give the lawn a little bit of water… so long as it’s not going to drop back down to freezing at night.

Best Time of Day For Watering The Lawn

The best times of day for giving the lawn water are in the early morning and the late afternoon. Think 5-8am and 4-7pm.

If you’re considering handling the lawn mowing yourself, it’s advisable to wait until the grass has dried and is ready for cutting. Alternatively, you can look forward to our lawn mowing service in cumming for a hassle-free summer lawn care experience. Since you want to mow the lawn in the late morning (but before the sun starts to beat down on the grass), watering the lawn in the early morning is the most convenient for a well maintained lawn.

Of course, you probably don’t want to get up early on a Saturday just to water your lawn. You don’t have to: you can use a programmable sprinkler to go off at certain times of the day!

How Often Should You Water The Lawn?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the precise layout of your lawn and garden, the type of soil in your area, the type of grass seed you have, whether or not your lawn is on a slope, and many other factors. However, a general rule of thumb to follow is to provide your lawn between 1 and 1 ½ inches of water per week. So what does that mean?

First, pay attention to the weather forecasts. You may not need to water your lawn at all if the forecast is predicting an inch or more of rain that week.

Second, see how long your sprinkler takes to cover an area with an inch of water. Test this out with a 1 inch tuna can: leave it next to your sprinkler and see how long it takes to fill up the can!

Third, it’s better to give grass a more thorough watering less frequently. For this reason, we recommend watering your lawn 2-3 times a week and giving it plenty of water.

The factors we listed above such as grass seed, soil type, slope, and lawn layout are quite important. We recommend talking to a lawn care professional and getting an official lawn care recommendation from them (or, better yet, letting them take care of your lawn care themselves!)

But if you’re a DIYer and you want to go it all yourself, at least get expert advice from good sources. If you have any question about your lawn care in Alpharetta, Cumming, or anywhere else in the Atlanta area, we’ll be able to help. Just call us at 678-758-1876 or send us a message at info@absolutelawnpros.com!




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