Taking care of your lawn is an important task for any property owner or manager. That being said, it can be more difficult than it seems like on the surface. Not taking the right strategy can result in dry grass, dead grass, and plenty of other landscaping issues that you have to deal with.

And this blog post will cover important information about when to mow your grass. After all, it can depend on various factors.

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Why Knowing When You Should Not Cut Your Grass Is So Important

Proper landscaping involves keeping your grass at the right length. There are several reasons why this is a crucial factor in property maintenance, such as:

Keep Weeds At Bay

The longer that your grass is, the more difficult it is to spot weeds and unwanted growth. Therefore if you don’t keep it trimmed properly, then it can be a lot more costly and time-consuming to address the problem at hand.

High Heat

Grass can burn and the soil can dry out if you cut it too often. Therefore paying attention to the weather is important, and goes a long way in deciding “When should you not cut your grass?”


You may have other parts of your landscaping that you’re working on as well. You want to time your grass cutting so that everything is in unison aesthetically.


Obviously you should keep your grass cut as often as is possible to keep it looking great. However, three times a week would be overboard. Whereas once or twice a week is not unheard of.

When To Avoid Cutting Your Lawn

Your Grass Is Wet

If you have wet clumps of grass, then it can damage the machinery that you use to cut it. Additionally, it can affect the grass underneath that would otherwise be healthy.

It can drown it or keep it from getting those healthy rays. It also makes it more susceptible to pests and diseases. So wait for the grass to dry a little bit.

During A Drought

Just as you don’t want to mow when it’s wet, you don’t want to mow during a dry spell. That’s because your grass becomes stressed due to the low amount of moisture.

If you already fertilize for fall, you could disrupt the growth of the roots and therefore reverse the effect of the fertilization in the first place if you mow at this time.

There’s A Lawn Disease

Before mowing, you should get rid of the fungi on your lawn first and treat it. So another answer to “When should you not mow your lawn?” is if there is any sign of disease. That will help you ensure that you don’t have unintentional problems going forward.

Get Professional Lawn Care Today

Knowing when not to mow your lawn is an important aspect of taking care of your property.

You can always reach out to the experts at Absolute Lawn Pros. Our lawn care in Alpharetta is unmatched. We’ll maintain, treat, and mow your lawns all year round.

That way, you don’t have to worry about this difficult task. Instead, you can focus on the things that you truly love to do instead of when not to mow the lawn. So reach out for a free consultation now.

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