One of the key critical components to a healthy lawn is fertilizer. Fertilized grass is vibrant and appealing to the eye. The grass also has stronger roots that grow deeper into the soil and help it handle the stress that comes with the dry season. The blades are also able to make enough sugars needed by the grass to thrive.

Regular feeding should be part of your lawn care since the grass needs nutrients to grow and some of those nutrients may not be enough in the soil because of leeching or depletion. Soil that doesn’t have enough nutrients is fertile ground for weeds and pest infestations which can cause damage to your lawn.

So what happens to grass when you fertilize it? Let’s find out.

What does fertilizer do to grass?

Regular fertilization helps replace nutrients such as:

Nitrogen: promotes healthy blade growth and the production of chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis.

Phosphorous: Promote energy production i.e. amino acid production, respiration, photosynthesis, and glycolysis.

Potassium: It’s needed for photosynthesis and cell division besides helping the grass deal with the stresses of drought.

What happens to your fertilized grass

Knowing when to feed and what to feed will make a huge difference for your lawn. It is recommended that you should fertilize your lawn at least four times per year since your grass needs different things at different times of the year. The schedule is as follows;

Early spring: The heat of the sunny days alerts the grass to come out of hibernation and start rebuilding its root system. New shoots emerge and give the grass a fresh look. A delicate balance has to be achieved at this point since too much growth can weaken the roots and a plant with very little growth will not have enough sugars for its nutritional needs. Weak grass may also encourage the growth of weeds. Grass should receive professional care from Absolute Lawn Pros to ensure maximum nourishment.

Late spring: Because of the ideal temperatures, the grass is growing at a fast rate with strong roots as summer approaches. Fertilizing the lawn at this time will provide the grass with all the nutrients it needs to thrive during summertime.

Summer: A lawn that’s been well taken care of in the spring will be thriving in summer. The grass will now have a thick layer of growth that keeps out weeds. Feeding the lawn at this time will ensure that the roots flourish so that you will use minimal water to keep it green. The lawn will also have fewer bald spots as winter comes along.

Fall: The low temperatures slow down the growth of the grass. Should you ignore your lawn at this time, weeds will take over. At Absolute Lawn Pros’ Lawn Care Services Cumming, we encourage you to fertilize your lawn again to provide your grass with enough nutrients before it goes dormant.

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