Dollar spot lawn fungus is a common lawn disease that can be fought with fungicides. It’s called dollar spot because fungus of the way it looks on blades of grass: more or less the size and shape of a silver dollar coin.

If you notice any signs of dollar spot fungus on your lawn, contact usat Absolute Lawn Pros today! Our expert team will help diagnose and treat your problem with quality products from trusted brands, customizing our approach to the needs of your lawn.

What Is Dollar Spot Lawn Disease?

Dollar spot grass disease, or Sclerotinia home carp, is a fungus that turns your grass tan in color. While it can take on different shapes and sizes, it is usually round and somewhere between a quarter and a silver dollar in size. Every now and then, you might also see some cotton-like strings on the diseased areas of your lawn.

How Does Dollar Spot Lawn Fungus Spread?

This type of fungus spreads very easily. All it takes is for a person or animal to step on it, then step somewhere else on your lawn or someone else’s yard. Dollar spots on your lawn are, therefore, a serious problem since they can spread so easily. One infection in the neighborhood can lead to multiple dying yards.

How Can I Control Dollar Spot on My Lawn?

Dollar spot fungus grows most commonly during periods of humidity, rain, or overwatering. So step number one is to make sure your grass isn’t being overwatered. If it has rained, don’t turn on the sprinklers. When you do, water in the early morning and make sure you aren’t giving your grass more than it needs.

As for dollar spot disease treatment once it has already developed, go to your local big-box store and purchase a fungicide that is safe to use on lawns, then apply it to the infected patches. Be sure to encourage your family to stay off the impacted areas of your grass so it does not spread more before it is killed.

If you do not see the results you need by applying fungicide, you’ll need to call in experts in lawn care in Cumming. At Absolute Lawn Pros, we know how to get rid of grass fungus of all types, allowing your yard to heal and preventing spread.

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