Ideally, pre-emergent lawn applications stop difficult to control weeds before they appear. This type of lawn treatment done by lawn care professionals does just what it sounds like it should. It kills weeds before they have the chance to emerge. As a matter of fact, when applied in fall, winter and early spring, these treatments prevent about 95 percent of weeds before they become a problem.

How the Applications Work

Pre-emergent treatment applications contain herbicides. These create a barrier of vapor that destroys weeds before they have the opportunity to be germinated. Oftentimes, pre-emergents are mixed with fertilizer before being applied. However, it’s crucial for them to be applied at the right times if they are to be effective. Strategic timing is essential so weeds are controlled before they emerge. If they aren’t applied strategically, the lawn can be overcome with weeds during the winter, spring and summer months. They must also be applied correctly. Spraying only certain areas won’t help and the weeds can quickly choke out the grass.

Making Sure It’s Done Right

A lawn care professional in Cumming knows exactly what ratio the herbicide to fertilizer needs to be in order to be effective. Precision is of the utmost importance and the solution won’t work if it’s not mixed in the proper proportions. The way the pre-emergent solution is spread is important as well. It should be spread as evenly across the lawn as possible. Think of it like a blanket used to smother out the weeds. Following the application, the herbicide needs to be watered. It needs about a half an inch of water for it to work. That will take running a sprinkler for about 45 minutes to an hour.

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