Lawns have many benefits for both the environment and our health. Well-maintained weedless lawns reduce the effects of different forms of pollution and allergens. Healthy lawns and shrubs serve a higher purpose more than just aesthetic value. Turfgrass and shrubs are an important element of urban and rural landscapes. Here is why.

The Positive Environmental Impact of Lawns

Diverse, healthy lawns and shrubs give a lot more back to the environment than hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and wood. Let’s break down some of the environmental benefits of lawns.

Healthy Lawns Clean Air and Biodegrade Pollutants

Turfgrass traps, ozone, dust, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants. They also absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen thus cleaning the air.

Healthy Lawns Reduce Noise Pollution

Hard surfaces are perfect for sounds to bounce off of and echo. Turfgrass forms a soft cushion or insulation that absorbs the sounds of cars and people. This creates a relaxing environment.

Healthy Lawns Keep You Cooler

Areas with more grass and trees are much cooler. Concrete and asphalt absorb more heat during the day and release the heat back into the air at night. Lawns and shrubs keep the environment much cooler and make it easier to cool nearby buildings.

Healthy Lawns Purify Groundwater and Improve Water Quality

Lawns filter and purify water as it passes through the root system. The roots capture the pollutants from the groundwater and break them down leaving the water 10 times less acidic.

Turfgrass also slows down runoff so it doesn’t carry too much debris. It protects frozen ground in winter and allows water to sink better into the soil.

Healthy Lawns Improve the Soil

The natural shedding of leaves, stems, and roots in the growth cycle of the turfgrass enriches the soil with organic matter and improves microbial activity.

Healthy Lawns Benefit Our Health

From cleaner air to less noise pollution, lawns add to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. They encourage social interactions and more outdoor living.

Tips for Fantastic Looking Lawn

For a green, lush lawn, it’s important to start by knowing the type of grass you have and the right time and height for mowing.
Cool-season grasses differ from warm-season grasses in their needs.  We wrote an article providing more tips for a fantastic looking lawn.

Water your lawn correctly. Instead of a quick sprinkle every day, water deeply fewer times in a week. This allows your grass root system to mature.

Don’t wait for the weeds to grow out before dealing with them. Spot control the weeds as they pop up.

Let the professionals jump-start and help maintain your beautiful lawn with this expert lawn service in Cumming. We will help you achieve that brag-worthy lawn.

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