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In Georgia and throughout the South, your trees are a matter of pride. When they look less than their best, they are a blight on your home or business. We offer expert Cumming tree trimming and—when needed—removal that keeps your curb appeal as it should be.

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You want your trees to grow big and beautiful—but not out of control. Regular maintenance helps keep them contained and well-shaped, making your outdoor spaces more attractive. Our tree trimming and pruning in Cumming removes those wayward branches for a more attractive profile.
Of course, there are times when a tree just has to go. Whether lightning struck or fungus or critters have done your tree in, we can safely remove the tree stump and even roots, all while making sure your other trees and plants are not affected. 

When to Get Tree Removal?

How can you know when it is time for tree removal? We understand; no one wants to let go of their stunning trees. But sometimes, it is a necessity. So, how can you know that it is time to eliminate yours? Look for the following signs:

  • Visible decay or disease.
  • An uncontrollable infestation.
  • Signs of root rot or tree death.
  • Severe storm damage.
  • Risk to your home or other structures.
  • Severe shedding.
  • Any tilt or leaning of the tree.

If you notice any of these signs, call Absolute Lawn Pros for tree service in Cumming, GA & surrounding areas.

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When to Get Tree Cutting?

Your goal is for your trees to create a stunning canopy of leaves, so trimming them back can feel counterintuitive. However, tree cutting is essential to maintaining their health and appearance. Just one problem: it can be done too often. So how do you know it is time for tree trimming in Cumming?

  • The shape of your tree is off.
  • There are too many small, scraggly limbs.
  • You are noticing signs of decay or disease in the limbs.
  • The branches extend over your power lines.
  • Some of the limbs have sustained storm damage.
  • The branches just seem weak or saggy.

If you see one or more of these signs, now is the time to schedule trimming with our tree service in Cumming & surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?


There are plenty of tree services in Cumming. So why should Absolute Lawn Pros be your top choice? Because we are the tree experts. We always take a conservative approach, saving trees when we can and leaving as much intact as possible. As we work, we keep aesthetics in mind, trimming trees into the right shapes and giving them a lovely profile. We know how important curb appeal is and we work hard to preserve yours.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Absolute Lawn Pros is run like a Fortune 500 corporation and relates to clients like a neighborhood business.
We strive to make it right. Got a problem with something we did? Call us, and we’ll come out and look at it together.

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How long does it take to take down a tree?

This depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the tree, the type of damage it has sustained, and what potential hazards are nearby. In most cases, cutting down a tree will take a couple of hours to do safely. Then, if there will also be stump and root removal, another hour or two for that.

What happens if you prune a tree at the wrong time?

It can impact the growth of your tree and the results of the pruning. However, this shouldn’t be disastrous, assuming it isn’t a frequent issue. Working with professionals can help negate this problem.

During what months can you trim a tree?

Usually, November through March is the ideal time for trimming trees due to reduced growth in the colder months and the loss of leaves making it easier to see and access the branches.

What do I need to know about tree trimming in Cumming, GA?

Tree trimming is both an aesthetic form of lawn care and essential for trees’ ongoing health. Without regular trimming, you will run into issues, including branches that sag or break due to excessive weight and contact with power lines.
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