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Maintenance Program for a Manicured Lawn and Landscape

Keeping your lawn and landscape well-manicured is not magic. It’s result of a regularly scheduled maintenance program by Absolute Lawn Pros’ well-trained, well-equipped crews and supervisors with keen eyes for detail.

Your Lawn the most noticeable part of your yard

We are absolutely dedicated to exceeding your expectations!


We typically schedule 42 visits a year, including weekly visits from April through the week before Thanksgiving and twice a month from December through March, to give your yard the full treatment.

LAWN Maintenance

We mow lawns from early spring through late fall, maintaining a length that’s optimized for the type of grass you have. We blow off clippings to keep your lawn healthy and good-looking, and we enhance that look with precision edging.

In the fall, we blow and remove leaves from all lawns, beds and hard surfaces.


Your landscaping receives just as much attention as your lawn. We provide weed control in your pine straw and mulch beds. We trim bushes and shrubs six to eight times a year to keep them manicured and looking good year round. 


During January and February, we prune rose bushes, ornamental grass plants, liriope, and all other required winter pruning. We also prune crepe myrtles planted as landscaping elements during that time, and we prune large, naturally growing crepe myrtles on request.

Maintenance Program - Absolute Lawn Pros


We are absolutely dedicated to exceeding your expectations and raising your satisfaction to a higher standard. We stand behind our work with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like our work – and our extra effort to make it right for you – you’ll get your money back. No questions asked. It’s that simple.

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If your yard is your pride and joy, you can absolutely depend on Absolute Lawn Pros to keep you smiling. 


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What does lawn maintenance include?
Lawn maintenance is a year-round service. What we do for lawn maintenance will depend on what’s necessary for the season. Lawn maintenance includes lawn mowing, precision edging, year-round pruning of bushes and grass plants, weed control, and leaf removal. We do 42 visits per year, meaning your lawn is kept beautiful no matter the season.
Can you fertilize your lawn in the winter?
You can, although it’s generally recommended to do it in the late fall (right before the first frost). We recommend fertilizing year-round with 5 to 7 weeks in between applications. Absolute Lawn Pros also provides fertilization services as part of our treatment schedule year-round.
How do I take care of my lawn year round?
Thanks to our climate, we’re able to do lawn care all year round. We recommend mowing your grass once per week, fertilizing several times a year with 5-7 weeks between applications, aerating several times a year, and applying pre- and post-emergent weed controls in the spring, summer, and fall.
What is the average cost of lawn care services?
Lawn care services vary widely, and it depends on what you need. If all you want is someone to mow your lawn, we charge less than if you need full lawn care and maintenance year-round. If you want an accurate quote, call us at 678-758-1876!
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