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If you’re looking for the best lawn care in Johns Creek, look to Absolute Lawn Pros! We have been in the lawn-and-landscaping business since 1998.

Lawn Mowing Service Johns Creek

Winning your neighborhood’s “Yard of the Month Award” could be within your grasp with Absolute Lawn Pros lawn mowing service in Johns Creek. We combine science and expertise with the most modern, highly maintained equipment and finely developed eye for greenery to give your yard eye-popping curb appeal month after month.

We set up a detailed monthly program for each lawn and garden, taking a holistic approach to your yard’s maintenance. You know when we will perform each required step in your program, and you’ll know why we are doing that step at that specific time. In addition to lawn and garden maintenance, we design and install major landscaping projects – the kind of improvements that make people take a second look at your yard.

Pine Straw and Mulch Installation

Replenishing pine straw and mulch in your Johns Creek yard is a must in maintaining a well-manicured look. At Absolute Lawn Pros, we understand that pine straw and mulch installation can be time consuming for homeowners. When you hire us for the job, we will deliver, install and clean up leaving your Johns Creek yard looking refreshed so you can enjoy your weekend.

Weed Control

Seeing weeds pop up in your otherwise pristine Johns Creek yard is never something you want. Absolute Lawn Pros understands weed control and works throughout the year to prevent them from taking over. With eight applications customized to your Johns Creek grass type, our weed control & lawn treatment service in Johns Creek, GA will leave your yard looking better than ever.

Landscape Maintenance

Absolute Lawn Pros full-service landscape maintenance plans cover all your needs. From cutting the grass and applying fertilizer to pruning shrubs, and everything in between, our 42 annual landscape maintenance visits will keep your Johns Creek yard looking the best in the neighborhood.

Lawn Fertilization

Maintaining luscious green grass takes constant love and attention. Absolute Lawn Pros knows how to use proper fertilization to make that a reality for your Johns Creek yard. We will customize a fertilization plan for your yard and visit eight times each year for applications of slow-release fertilizer that will keep your Johns Creek lawn healthy and looking great.

Lawn Aeration

Proper Aeration helps ensure the roots of your grass have optimal conditions for growth, including proper access to water, air, and fertilizer. The expert team at Absolute Lawn Pros in Johns Creek knows when to visit for aeration services based on your grass type and time of year.

Lawn Drainage

Flooding and erosion can ruin an otherwise perfect yard in Johns Creek. Proper drainage will keep your lawn and landscaping looking beautiful from year to year. Our knowledgeable team has experience with many types of drainage solutions. Absolute Lawn Pros will recommend the best drainage solutions for your Johns Creek property.

We guarantee you’ll like what you see when you turn over your lawn mowing and garden maintenance to Absolute Lawn Pros. We’re dedicated to making you feel like a winner.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Absolute Lawn Pros is run like a Fortune 500 corporation and relates to clients like a neighborhood business.
We strive to make it right. Got a problem with something we did? Call us, and we’ll come out and look at it together.

FAQ’s Asked Questions

How often do you need to put down pine straw?

Most recommend an annual application of pine straw. However, if you’re only using it for decorative purposes, you can apply it about twice a year to keep the landscape looking fresh. At Absolute Lawn Pros Inc., we provide pine straw installation in your Johns Creek yard to make it look even more refreshing!

How much does it cost to aerate a lawn?

Our lawn aeration service in Johns Creek will vary in price depending on several factors. It will include inspecting your yard to get a sense of the layout and size of your yard, the job’s complexity, and so forth. So to know more about the aeration cost, you can contact us on 678-758-1876.

How can I prevent lawn problems?

Lawn problems are inevitable. But, treating your lawn with care and being vigilant, and calling for lawn services routinely can prevent lawn problems in Johns Creek.  Also, remember that it is your lawn, and you need to take a step too, so water your lawn for health, strength, and resilience.

How do yard drainage systems work?

A yard drainage system in Johns Creek has a relatively straightforward structure. It consists of a small underground catch basin covered by a metal or plastic grate that collects runoff water. Then one or more branch drain pipes carry the water from the basin to a termination point, usually near a street or into a municipal storm drain.

owner/founder Josh Sergent

Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to turn his passion for manicured landscapes into a business that has provided lawn service and landscape services since 1998. His degree in business administration gave him the direction to create a structured lawn mowing and landscaping installation and maintenance service that rewards his clients with a beautiful place to live, worry-free and priced fairly. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business from DeVry University in 2012.

Absolute Lawn Pros providing peace of mind lawn care service in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Suwanee with a 100% Money back Guarantee.

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