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Look to Absolute Lawn Pros and owner/founder Josh Sergent If you’re looking for the best lawn service in Alpharetta. We have been in the lawn-and-landscaping business since 1998.


Are you looking for the best lawn care in Atlanta? At Absolute Lawn Pros, we want to bring our customers the joy of a fresh-cut lawn on time and whenever they need it. Whether you are concerned about curb appeal or want a safe place for your children to run around, Absolute Lawn Pros can give you the lawn of your dreams. Our service is more than just upkeep: we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our clients have the most pristine lawns in the neighborhood. Our founder, Josh Sergent, has provided Georgia residents with beautiful lawns for over two decades. Simply request an estimate to get started!


Pine Straw and Mulch Installation

Absolute Lawn Pros is experienced in the installation of pine straw and mulch. Our crew understands how to safeguard your yard so that it is both attractive and manageable. From the initial assessment and meeting to the actual installation, we work with your wishes and needs to ensure that you have the suitable material for a thriving and protected yard year-round. With our services, you can be sure that everything from controlling weed growth to creating ideal soil conditions for your plants and trees is taken care of.


Weeds often grow out of control. If you’re doing it yourself, it can feel like an endless challenge trying to keep up with them. At Absolute Lawn Pros in Atlanta, we stick a tried-and-true eight-application process for weed control to keep pesky dandelions and other unwanted growths out of your yard.


Maintaining a perfect yard requires regular upkeep and care. We have a landscape maintenance program explicitly made for the Atlanta climate. By scheduling 42 visits per year (once a week from April to November and twice a month from December to March), we can maintain our clients’ lawns year-round, completely hassle-free.


At Absolute Lawn Pros in Atlanta, we have discovered that dry fertilizer is best for our climate. Thanks to two decades of experience, we have perfected a process that guarantees a beautiful lawn. We perform eight applications of our special fertilizer to help our clients’ properties stay green and fresh year-round.


Most Atlanta homeowners don’t aerate their lawns at regular intervals—aerating consists of making small holes in the ground that allow fertilizer, water, and carbon dioxide to reach the roots of the plant more efficiently. Every lawn and soil is different, so we schedule your aeration service based on your grass type.


Erosion is a common problem for Atlanta yards. To prevent this, you want to make sure that your lawn has proper drainage installed. Absolute Lawn Pros can assist you in figuring out whether or not you need additional drainage installed. Best of all, we provide our drainage installation services with as little disruption to your landscaping as possible. No matter what kind of drainage system you have, Absolute Lawn Pros can deal with it.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Absolute Lawn Pros is run like a Fortune 500 corporation and relates to clients like a neighborhood business.
We strive to make it right. Got a problem with something we did? Call us, and we’ll come out and look at it together.

FAQ’s Asked Questions

How much water does my lawn need?

The amount of water your lawn needs will depend on the type of grass and climate you have. Generally, most lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week, either from rain or watering, to soak the soil deeply. This amount can be applied during a single watering or divided into two shorter waterings during the week. It’s important not to overwater your lawn, as this can cause it to become saturated and unhealthy.

Do I need to core aerate my lawn?

Core aeration is a beneficial process for many lawns, as it helps to improve soil structure and increase water, nutrient, and oxygen intake. If you have a lawn prone to compaction, or one with heavy foot traffic, aerating can help reduce the effects of these conditions. Contact us at +1 678-758-1876 to learn more about lawn aeration in Atlanta and if it is the right step for you.

Why is fertilizer important for my lawn?

Fertilizer is essential for ensuring your lawn gets the right nutrients to keep it healthy. It helps provide a well-balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are all needed to make your lawn grow strong. Fertilizing your lawn regularly will help prevent discoloration and promote a lush, green lawn.

Is lawn maintenance important in Atlanta?

Lawn maintenance is very important in Atlanta due to the hot, humid climate. It’s essential to keep your lawn healthy and thriving by mowing, edging, weeding, aerating, fertilizing, and watering. Regular maintenance will help ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy all year round. If you have any questions about lawn maintenance in Atlanta, feel free to contact us at +1 678-758-1876. We are always happy to help!

Owner/Founder Josh Sergent

Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to turn his passion for manicured landscapes into a business that has provided lawn service and landscape services since 1998. His degree in business administration gave him the direction to create a structured lawn mowing and landscaping installation and maintenance service that rewards his clients with a beautiful place to live, worry-free and priced fairly. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business from DeVry University in 2012.

Absolute Lawn Pros providing peace of mind lawn care service in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Suwanee with a 100% Money back Guarantee.

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