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Look to Absolute Lawn Pros and owner/founder Josh Sergent If you’re looking for the best lawn service in Alpharetta. We have been in the lawn-and-landscaping business since 1998.

Lawn Mowing Service Alpharetta


You moved to Alpharetta for its fine schools and gorgeous parks. Why not give your yard its own park-like setting? Absolute Lawn Pros offers lawn mowing services in Alpharetta that can take your established yard to the next level. We excel at keeping lawns healthy and gardens growing in all levels and proportions of sun and shade, and we know how to make that backyard playground stand up to rigors of vigorous activity.


Our service goes beyond following carefully prescribed lawn and garden upkeep programs. We regularly replace our modern equipment before it becomes outdated, and we follow strict maintenance and repair protocols. We constantly look at the science of healthy lawns and gardens and apply the techniques and materials that bring out the best that nature can provide for your yard and family.


Pine Straw and Mulch Installation


One way to keep your yard looking pristine is with regular pine straw and mulch maintenance of your flower and shrubbery beds. Absolute Lawn Pros in Alpharetta can help you keep your yard beautiful with pine straw and mulch installation. Our professional crew will take care of everything from delivery to clean up; all you have to do is sit back and relax.


Weed Control


Keeping your yard free of weeds can be a real challenge. Our team’s expertise in weed control will help your Alpharetta yard be the star of the street. At Absolute Lawn Pros in Alpharetta, we always follow our yearly eight-application process for weed control, so we can focus on your grass being healthy as well as beautiful.


Landscape Maintenance


Absolute Lawn Pros is committed to top-notch service. Our annual landscape maintenance plans in Alpharetta include 42 weekly visits a year. While we are on-site, we care for your lawn, landscaping, and prune bushes and ornamental plants as appropriate based on the season. Our Alpharetta landscape maintenance clients appreciate our reliability and expertise that always leaves their yards looking amazing.


Lawn Fertilization


After nearly two decades of experience with fertilization in Alpharetta, Absolute Lawn Pros has found that dry granular formulas of fertilizer give the best, most-even release over time. Fertilization services include eight applications that are customized for optimal results to your type of grass and Alpharetta yard conditions.


Lawn Aeration


If you’ve ever wondered how golf course landscapers keep things so green, you should consider aeration service for your Alpharetta yard. Aeration is the process of making small holes in the lawn to allow water, fertilizer, and air to more easily reach the roots of the grass, helping it stay healthier and greener. Absolute Lawn Pros schedules aeration service in Alpharetta based on the type of grass in your yard.


Lawn Drainage


One way to prevent erosion in your Alpharetta yard is to ensure you have proper drainage solutions. Absolute Lawn Pros can help you determine where you may need additional drainage and install it while ensuring we disrupt as little of your existing landscaping as possible. Our Alpharetta team has experience with many types of drain solutions, including the French drain.


We also offer landscape design and installation services, doing the heavy lifting and guaranteeing successful outcomes. Enjoying free time with your family should be like a walk in the park, and with our lawn mowing and maintenance services, your yard will be like a park.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Absolute Lawn Pros is run like a Fortune 500 corporation and relates to clients like a neighborhood business.
We strive to make it right. Got a problem with something we did? Call us, and we’ll come out and look at it together.


Is lawn care fertilizer service safe for my family and pets?

When it comes to homes with family and pets, the first priority is always safety. Many homeowners are concerned about the health and environmental effects of lawn care fertilizer in Alpharetta, particularly if they represent a risk to their loved ones. However, Absolute Laws Pros Inc.’s lawn fertilization services ensure a fertilizer application that is both harmless and safe.

What is the average cost of landscaping in Alpharetta, GA?

Our landscaping service in Alpharetta will vary in price depending on many variables. It will include taking a look at your yard to get a sense of the layout and then presenting you with a design. Once we have the approved designs, we will be able to discuss the costs. To know more about cost, you can contact us on 678-758-1876.

What is the best month to aerate my lawn?

Aerating your lawn in Alpharetta is best done during the growing season when the grass can heal and fill in any open areas left by the removal of soil plugs. Ideally, aerate lawns with cool-season grass in the early spring or fall and those with warm-season grass in the late spring.

Does a landscaper or lawn care professional need to enter my home?

Since landscaping and lawn maintenance work takes place outdoors, then it is unlikely that the landscaping and lawn care professionals in Alpharetta will need to enter your home. However, in case there is a need to enter your property for evaluation or any other reason, they will ask for your permission first.

Owner/Founder Josh Sergent

Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to turn his passion for manicured landscapes into a business that has provided lawn service and landscape services since 1998. His degree in business administration gave him the direction to create a structured lawn mowing and landscaping installation and maintenance service that rewards his clients with a beautiful place to live, worry-free and priced fairly. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business from DeVry University in 2012.

Absolute Lawn Pros providing peace of mind lawn care service in Cumming, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Suwanee with a 100% Money back Guarantee.

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