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The Importance of Pre-Emergent Lawn Applications

Ideally, pre-emergent lawn applications stop difficult to control weeds before they appear. This type of lawn treatment done by lawn care professionals does just what it sounds like it should. It kills weeds before they have the chance to emerge. As a matter of fact,...

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Benefits to Keeping Mulch and Pine Straw in Beds

Homeowners and business owners often use mulch and pine straw in gardening beds. Many think it’s only because of the aesthetic value. However, using these two substances in raised beds and gardens of many types provides other benefits. Here are three of the top...

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Benefits to Elevating Tree Canopies

Creating an elevated tree canopy simply means trimming the lower portions away so the upper portions of the trees form a canopy overhead. Of course, the tree benefits from pruning, but the yard, surroundings and homeowner receive some benefits too. Why Thin Tree Tops...

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