When thinking about your lawn care for the summer, you might be wondering if you can still do aeration. Let’s talk about what this important service is, as well as “Can you aerate your lawn in the summer?”

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Why Aeration Is Important Lawn Care

Aeration is an important part of any lawn health care. This is one of the services we always recommend. In fact, you should probably have it done about twice per year to keep your lawn healthy and clean.

The summer can get really hot in Georgia. Drought and heat stress can affect your grass quite negatively. So some aeration can get rid of those dead patches and make sure your lawn gets the hydration it needs.

In essence, you can maintain the beauty of your property and avoid dead spots in the Georgia heat with a little bit of preventive maintenance.

So, is it ok to aerate in the summer? Well, the best time to aerate might not be the summer.

When’s The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn?

Typically the fall is the best time to get aeration done. This can depend on the type of grass you have and the growing conditions that they thrive in.

Aeration will boost the grass’ ability to fill thin patches. But because grasses are under a lot of stress during the summer heat, they might grow slower.

Aeration is designed to loosen your soil. It can begin to compact before conditions are optimal. Therefore, it may be wasted if it’s done in the summer. Fall aeration promotes seeding and growth in the areas of your lawn that need it the most.

Spring aeration can create root growth so that the lawn battles the summer even better. Of course, summer is great for Bermuda grass. And as we mentioned, heat and drought have an effect on when to perform aeration.

So, should you aerate your lawn in the summer? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. But as always, your particular lawn and grass variety will be major factors.

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We’ll help you understand the benefits and expectations of aerating your lawn during the summer. That way, you can enjoy a healthy, green lawn all year round.

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