We all want the most enviable lawn. Landscape edging is an easy and accessible way to give your lawn eye-catching facets. Edging for landscaping also serves the dual functions of preventing soil and mulch runoff as well as keeping grass out of the flower beds. 

Trenching is one of the cheapest landscape edge ideas to implement. The angled six-inch trench between your flower beds and groundcover, creates tidy, delineated areas. So what landscape edging options are available for a more elegant landscape design?

Brick Edging

If you are looking for a touch of timeless style coupled with affordability, brick is a good bet. Whether laid flat, sideways, double- stacked, or layered, brick lends an old-world, quaint charm to any lawn. It’s a simple material to install and can be easily found. The rainbow of earth tones adds to the whimsy.

Wood Edging

While on the topic of whimsy, consider edging your lawn using palette wood, tree branches, and connected boards. Stained wood gives a timeless charm to your lawn and blends well with the flora in your garden.

Rocks and Stones

Rocks and stones offer a rather versatile look for your garden depending on which type you pick. Stack pieces of shale to create your border. Alternatively, source river rocks or larger rocks to demarcate your flower beds.

For succulent gardens, rocks can be used even within the landscape edging to bring some dimension to the plants.


Metal edging can yield both a clean, sophisticated look or a rustic weathered look. It depends on whether you buy the metal in a shiny finish or a carefully rusted one. The thin metal blends into the edge of the grass making the edging look seamless.

Bender Board

This plastic option is a cheaper option to create those undulating curved lines in your landscape edging that makes the lawn look so elegant. The key to using this material is to purchase the commercial-grade ones which cost more but can withstand frost. The other factor to look out for is installation. A poor install will make the edging look cheap and it will not last as long as needed.


Concrete is an extremely versatile material that can produce whatever look you want for your lawn. It can be weathered, industrial, or sleek and modern. Concrete blocks and concrete moldings come in many shapes and sizes that allow you to customize the look of your landscape edging.

Lawn Service in Cumming

If you’re wondering where to begin choosing or installing your landscape edging, call in a professional. They can advise on the best material and choices for your lawn. For landscape installation, contact our lawn service in Cumming today.

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