Hydroseeding may be the perfect option if you’re looking for a new way to seed your lawn! Hydroseeding is a process that uses a mixture of water, mulch, and seeds to cover the ground. It is often used in areas damaged by fire, floods, or new construction sites.

If you plan to plant grass seed, there are many things to consider. The seed type, the time of year, and the method of planting all play a role in the success of your new lawn.


Hydroseeding is a popular option for seeding new lawns. It is fast, efficient, and can be done with little equipment. We will discuss the basics of hydroseeding and answer common questions about the process.

What Is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a process of applying a water-based seed mixture to lawns, slopes, and other areas of land. The mixture consists of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, and sometimes colorants or other additives. It is applied using a specialized hydroseeder machine that mixes the ingredients and sprays them onto the desired area.

Here’s how the process works:

The hydroseeder first mixes the seed, mulch, and fertilizer in a tank. It then pumps the mixture to the spray gun through a hose and nozzle.

The operator uses the spray gun to apply the mixture to the desired area.

Once applied, the hydroseeded area should be kept moist so the seed can germinate and grow.

Hydroseeding is often used on slopes or other areas where traditional seed-spreading methods would be difficult or impossible. It is also sometimes used to establish new lawns or oversee existing ones.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

1) Hydroseeding Is a Cost-Effective Way To Seed Your Lawn

When you choose to hydroseed your lawn, you invest in a cost-effective way to get the lush, green lawn you have always wanted. Hydroseeding is a procedure that uses a slurry of seed, water, and fertilizer that is sprayed onto your lawn. This method is less expensive than traditional seeding methods and can yield better results.

2) Erosion Control

Erosion happens when water flows over the ground and carries away topsoil, the layer of earth that contains all the nutrients plants need to grow.

Hydroseeding can be used to prevent erosion by creating a thick mat of roots that will hold the soil in place.

It can also create a green space on a slope or hill that would otherwise be difficult to plant.

3) Faster Germination

Hydroseeding mixtures contain a high concentration of seed, which means they germinate faster than if you were to sow them by hand.

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to establish a lawn in a short amount of time.

4) Professional Application

When you hire a professional to apply hydroseeding, you’re also paying for their expertise and equipment. Hiring someone may be worth the extra cost if you have a large lawn or difficult terrain. They will have the right tools and skills to ensure your lawn gets the best possible start.

For expert lawn care services in Alpharetta, call Absolute Lawn Pros. We offer top-quality hydroseeding services to help your lawn look its best. We use the best tools, like hydro mulchers and hydroseeders, to deliver the perfect amount of seed, fertilizer, and water to your lawn.

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