Our winters are mild and we don’t get snowfall very often. Despite this, grass simply doesn’t grow much in the winter and the cold, dry temperatures put lawns at risk of drying out! For this reason, many people find that their lawns turn pale during the winter.

Despite this, some people have been able to keep their lawns nice and green during the winter. How do they do this. Let’s find out!

Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green in the Winter

Overseed in the early fall.

Overseeding is the practice of adding more seed to already existing grass. This causes more grass to grow and gives your lawn a more lush appearance.

We recommend overseeding before winter because this gives it a chance to get enough nutrients to reveal itself in the spring.

Early fall is the perfect time to overseed because the grass gets a few more months of good weather before the temperatures start to drop.

Fertilize your lawn in the winter

Why would you fertilize your lawn when the grass isn’t growing much? The answer is simple: fertilizing your lawn adds necessary nutrients to the soil which can be lost during the first freeze in winter.

We recommend fertilizing year-round with 5-7 weeks in between each application. You don’t need to fertilize after the first frost; resume fertilizing when spring comes, continuing to fertilize every 5-7 weeks.

Aerate your soil in the fall.

Aerating your soil is important all year round, but it’s even more important just before winter. Why? During the winter, the air gets dry and moisture leaves the soil. When soil is compacted and dry, it gets tough and makes it hard for grass to get necessary nutrients from it. It also makes it harder for grass roots to get moisture from watering.

Water your lawn during the winter!

Here in Georgia, it doesn’t dip below freezing very often. For this reason, it’s perfectly safe to water your grass during winter days that are in the 40s and 50s. Not only is it safe, but it’s recommended because the winter air is so dry!

However, it does sometimes go below 32 degrees at night. You don’t want your water freezing your grass! For this reason, we recommend watering & maintaining your lawn in the morning when the temperatures are starting to warm up a bit.

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