Clover is a plant that often invades lawns. It is a low-growing weed that has small, white flowers. One of the most common clovers in the US is the perennial broadleaf weed. These clovers have three leaves and can grow up to 16 inches tall. Clover is considered a weed because it crowds out other plants on your lawn.

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Removing clover from your lawn can be difficult. The best idea to get rid of clover is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Read on to learn how to identify clover on your lawn and remove them effectively.

How Can You Identify Clover in Your Lawn?

Clover is a type of broadleaf weed that can commonly be found in lawns. Clover has small, round leaves arranged in threes along the stem. The clover flowers are white or pale pink and bloom in clusters. Clover is a relatively low-growing plant, so it cannot be easy to spot among taller grasses.

Clover is often considered a weed because it can crowd grasses and other desirable plants on your lawn. However, some people prefer clover on their lawns because it is a low-maintenance plant that does not need to be mowed as often as grass. Clover is also drought-tolerant and can stay green even during periods of drought.

Removing Clover from Lawn With Natural Methods

1. Pulling Or Digging Clover Out of the Lawn By Hand

Removing clover from your lawn is the most natural way to get rid of it. This method is also the most labor-intensive. You’ll need to put on some gloves and dig or pull out the clover plants, making sure to get as much of the root system as possible.

2. Cover It Up With a Trash Bag

You can try this method if looking for a more immediate solution. All you need is a black trash bag and some rocks or bricks. Place the trash bag over the clover patch and secure it with rocks or bricks, so it doesn’t blow away. The sun’s heat will build up under the bag and eventually kill the clover. Leave the bag in place for at least a week to make sure the clover is dead.

3. Use Corn Meal Gluten

You can find this product at most garden supply stores. It works by inhibiting the root growth of the clover, causing it to be yellow and eventually die. Be sure to apply it in early spring or summer when the weather is dry. Water your lawn thoroughly before applying, and then sprinkle on the corn meal gluten according to the package directions. You’ll need to reapply every few weeks to keep the clover at bay.

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