Lawns like most of the natural world, respond best to time and consistent application of best lawn maintenance practices. Start as you mean to continue and dedicate resources to your lawn right from the beginning. What can you do if your lawn gives up the ghost halfway?

How To Fix Bald Spots

Some areas of your lawn may suffer from bald spots because of several reasons. It could be a particularly sun-exposed patch. It could also be a patch that does not have much topsoil left. Here is a quick fix. 

  • Mix about 3 pounds of grass seed into a wheelbarrow of fine sawdust, mulch, or peat moss.
  • Water it and keep it moist to allow the seeds to germinate
  • Cover with a tap and wait about 5 days
  • Once your grass seeds have sprouted, mix the seed-sawdust mix with topsoil in roughly a 1:2 ratio.
  • Spread the mix over your bald spots and add starter fertilizer.
  • Don’t forget to water!

Watering Like a Pro

Watering seems like the most basic aspect of lawn maintenance in Cumming but it could be the reason your lawn is not thriving. 

Some problems are overwatering and shallow watering both of which result in a stressed, patchy lawn. Remember to research the type of grass on your lawn as warm and cool-season grasses have different water needs and thresholds. 

Once your lawn has sprouted, your grass will not need the daily shallow watering that was conducive for germination. Grass needs 4-6 inches of water a week. 

In practice, this means setting your sprinkler to about 45 minutes of watering till the soil is soaked to the correct depth. A good test is that you should be able to walk over the watered lawn and not leave footprints behind. 

Watering deeply about once a week will encourage deeper stronger roots and a healthier lawn. Don’t wait for the lawn to brown before watering as this wastes the nutrients of the grass.

A proper schedule and technique of watering the lawn will give you unbelievable results in a matter of weeks.

Boost Your Lawn

Sometimes good old fertilizer is a good way to boost your lawn. If you want thicker grass and filled-in spots in a few weeks, there a variety of products designed specifically for this. Some of these one-step commercial products include:

  • One step mulch-seed-fertilizer combos
  • Iron and nitrogen supplements
  • Plant starters such as Vitamin B1, manganese, iron, and zinc supplement to help your plants weather transplant shock.

A Bit of Window Dressing

If your lawn needs a pick me up on the same day you are having friends over, it is ok to use some event industry secrets. These hacks include buying plants in full bloom and disguising the pots with a bit of mulch. Order full flats of plants in full flower from your local garden center.

These stop-gap tips only work for a day. It is better to work with a professional who can come for a consultation and take you through the bonafide methods of lawn repair.

Lawn Care Alpharetta

Whether you are starting out or if you have a lawn that is in dire need of a little TLC, don’t hesitate to call us for the best lawn care in Alpharetta. Our experts are also available for lawn care services in Cumming.

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