Throughout Georgia, our lawns are a source of pride, with homeowners dedicating hours each week to mowing, watering, and fertilizing their grass. But there is one aspect of lawncare many overlook: edging.

As part of your lawn maintenance in Cumming, edging serves as one of the finishing touches. Much as a haircut isn’t complete until the neck and edges are trimmed, lawn mowing isn’t finished until you’ve done your edging.

Not sure how to edge a lawn? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how.

How to Edge Grass, Step by Step

Step One: Mow the Lawn

Edging is the final step of the haircut process for your lawn. That means mowing must come first. Be sure to adjust the blade on your mower so you never cut more than one-third off your grass when mowing. Not only does this keep your grass healthier, but it will make it easier to judge what you are doing when you start the edging process.

Step Two: Grab Your Tools

When it comes to how to edge your lawn, you have two tool options: a power trimmer or a manual one. A string trimmer will let you work faster, but they can be difficult to control if you aren’t experienced with them. If this is your first time working with these tools, start out somewhere less visible on your lawn so you can get in some practice without making a mess.

Also: don’t forget your safety gear. Gloves and safety glasses are a must.

Step Three: Start with the Perimeter

Moving around the perimeter of your lawn, determine the depth of the edging you want and then use your tools accordingly. If using a powered trimmer, take care to hold it steady, otherwise, your edging will become uneven. With a manual edger, just be sure it is perfectly straight before each cut.

Step Four: Move on to Flower Beds and Walking Paths

These are more complicated than your perimeter, so it is a good idea to get to them second, giving you time to get into the swing of things. How to edge the lawn around these items is essentially the same as with the permitter, but the lines and curves are often more complex. However, the results will help give you that professional landscape installation appearance.

Step Five: Clean it Up

After edging your lawn, there will be a lot of excess dirt and grass clumps left lying around. You’ll want to clean these up before you call it a day. Unlike your grass clippings, these can be problematic for your lawn and are pretty unsightly.

Of course, you don’t need to do this yourself; Absolute Lawn Care Pros are happy to help. To learn more about our services or our yearly fescue lawn treatment programs in Cumming & Alpharetta, GA, just give us a call.

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