Water is a very important resource not only to humans but also to our lawns. During the dry season, people are looking for ways to water their lawn and at the same time conserve water. Grass, just like any other plant, needs water and other nutrients to thrive. Is it possible to have a well-watered lawn and still be able to conserve water? Below are tips to have a splendid lawn while still conserving water.

Tips for Conserving Water on Your Lawn

Choose drought-tolerant plant varieties

Your choice of plants to grow in your lawn will have an impact on your watering schedule. Drought-tolerant plants can thrive on little water. Check with your local landscaping company which varieties will do well in your area.

Feed your lawn with nutrients regularly

Besides improving the appearance of your lawn, regular feeding makes your plants strong enough to crowd out weeds, build deep roots that make it possible for them to seek water deep in the soil and withstand the stresses of drought. Such a lawn will require less water, one of the environmental benefits of your healthy lawn.

Mow the lawn at the right height

Grass that’s cut at the right height (about 2 inches) and is not injured can grow better. The grass is also able to shade the soil and prevent evaporation. So, set your mower correctly.

Water the soil, not the leaves

Always water closer to the root to minimize evaporation. To be able to do this ditch the sprinkler and instead choose the drip system which can deliver water to the roots. Don’t overwater your lawn as it can the plants can become overstressed which can lead to root rot or fungal and bacterial infections. Consult a professional for Lawn Maintenance Cumming or to help you design the appropriate watering system and watering schedule for your lawn

Apply a thick layer of mulch

Mulching can help keep the lawn cool and prevent the moisture from escaping. Use organic mulches such as wood chippings which break down and contribute to the organic matter of the soil.  

Install smart watering devices

Investing in a good irrigation system will help you conserve water. The smart devices are capable of using real-time weather, plant, and soil data to help determine how much water your plants need thereby helping improve watering efficiency. You can also upgrade your current system and eliminate any leaks.

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