When it comes to keeping the lawn looking great, there are many different options to choose from. One of the options is mowing. Mowing involves cutting the grass to a certain length and is essential for keeping your lawn healthy.

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Another popular option is using pine straw as mulch. Installing a bale of pine straw can be an affordable way to keep your lawn looking great while providing protection from erosion and helping to control weeds.

However, you may need to realize that several factors can affect the cost of installing a bale of pine straw. We will explain each of them in detail here.

1. Size of Lawn

Pine straw is a standard mulch used to protect soil and improve landscape aesthetics in Johns Creek, Georgia. The cost of installing a bale of pine straw depends on the size of your lawn. Larger lawns will require more bales to cover the desired area, which can increase the total installation cost.

2. Quality and Type of Pine Straw

Some ways to check the quality of the pine straw are inspecting for freshness, amount of needles, and length. The type of pine straw is also an essential factor in deciding cost. Long-needle pine straw will cost more than short needle due to its superior quality, with a longer lifespan lasting up to 18 months. It is usually used for commercial or high-end landscaping for a more luxurious feel.

Other types of pine straw available are slash pine, a low-grade needle that tends to decompose within 12 months and is used mainly in residential landscapes. The third type of pine straw is Georgia red, which has long needles with a rusty-red color, making it highly sought after by landscapers.

3. Condition of Lawn

One of the significant factors in determining the cost of installing a bale of pine straw is the condition of your lawn. If it’s already overgrown, has patches of dead grass, or needs to be watered regularly, then you will likely have to pay more for installation than if it were already in good condition.

Some tips for maintaining a healthy lawn include:

  • Regularly mowing the grass
  • Watering the lawn deeply but not too often
  • Applying fertilizer at least once a year
  • Monitoring and addressing pest issues like weeds or grubs
  • Ensuring adequate drainage to prevent standing water
  • Keeping debris away from the soil
  • Aerating the lawn if necessary

4. Other Additional Costs

These include:

  • Labor – If you hire a professional lawn care company to install pine straws, labor costs will be included in the total cost.
  • Delivery – Depending on where you live, delivery charges may apply when purchasing pine straws.
  • Taxes – Depending on your location, taxes may also be added to the total cost of purchasing and installing a bale of pine straw.

For expert lawn care in Johns Creek, contact Absolute Lawn Pros. We offer a range of services, including pine straw installation. Our team uses only the best products and tools to ensure your lawn looks beautiful all year. Contact us today for more information on our services!

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