Fertilizing your grass is an important part of proper lawn care. There are so many benefits to applying good fertilizer to your lawn, including fewer dead spots, a greener lawn, and stronger grass roots.

After fertilizing your grass, though, there’s a period of time where you should not be stepping on the grass. That includes your kids, your pets, guests, and whoever else might want to run around on your lawn. Fertilizer isn’t safe for pets and children and could potentially make them sick.

So how long should kids and pets stay off the lawn after fertilizing? Let’s investigate.

How Do I Fertilize My Lawn Safely?

Make sure to read the label on your fertilizer. The label will provide proper instructions for fertilizing, and will also provide their own recommendations for keeping kids and pets off the lawn. Be careful to follow the label’s directions, otherwise you put yourself, other people, your pets, and your lawn at risk.

Remember that fertilizer contains chemicals, too much of which can burn your lawn. A burnt lawn has a dry, yellowish-brown appearance and is often due to overfertilizing.

Choose organic fertilizers over chemical fertilizers. Just because it’s organic, though, doesn’t mean that you can’t burn your lawn. It also doesn’t mean it’s safe for kids and pets! You don’t want your kid or pet running around in manure.

How Long Should Pets Stay Off The Lawn After Fertilizing?

The chemicals in fertilizer are highly toxic to pets. Some pets (especially dogs) like to eat grass, and ingesting grass that’s been coated with toxic chemicals can pose serious harm to pets.

Pets should not be allowed on the lawn for two days after applying fertilizer. If your pet uses the bathroom on your lawn, take them for a walk elsewhere to a publicly owned patch of land so they can do their business.

How Long Should Kids Stay Off The Lawn After Fertilizing?

The chemicals in fertilizer aren’t just toxic to pets. They can be harmful to humans, as well, especially when accidentally ingested. These chemicals can also be harmful if contact is made with bare skin.

If you’re going to walk on your lawn during or after fertilizing, make sure you’re wearing a pair of boots, gloves, and long pants. Do your best not to get any on your skin.

Kids and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to harm from the toxic chemicals in fertilizer. Make sure that they are not allowed on the lawn for two days after applying fertilizer & watering the grass.

What Should I Do After Fertilizing?

Water your lawn. Giving your lawn a good amount of hydration isn’t just necessary for the grass, it also helps the fertilizer get absorbed by the grass roots. It also allows for the chemicals in the fertilizer to soak into the soil.

Wait two days before letting people on the lawn. Make sure your lawn is completely dry before stepping on the lawn. Don’t let kids run on the lawn with bare feet if it’s been fertilized recently.

Fertilizing your lawn is an important task, but it’s one that can be safely accomplished with a few simple steps. Make sure to follow the instructions on your fertilizer carefully, and keep pets and children off the lawn until it has had time to dry. After fertilizing, you can enjoy your beautiful green space! Call the professionals at Lawn Care in Johns Creek for more information about how to fertilize your lawn safely. We’ll be happy to help!

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