When it comes to taking care of your home, there are several things to consider — from landscape installation, to tree removal, to land clearing, and more. However, concrete pressure washing is an often overlooked service that you should have done.

There are several reasons for this cleaning method. In this post, let’s explore why it’s so important to have concrete pressure washing performed on your property regularly. We’ll also talk about “How long should it take to pressure wash a driveway” when it’s concrete.

That way, you can best prepare your property to look and perform its best over time and protect your investment.

How Long Does It Take To Pressure Wash Driveways That Are Concrete?

Most likely you’re thinking about pressure washing your driveway, since that’s typically the largest concrete surface on a property. Alternatively, you could be planning on pressure washing a concrete patio or other walkway.

That being said, let’s talk about how long it takes, as well as some factors that go into that.

Factors That Determine How Quickly It Takes To Pressure Wash Concrete

To speak at a general level, it can sometimes take as little as half an hour to pressure wash concrete. But the true answer to “How long does pressure washing a driveway take” depends, because it could take as long as 2-3 hours or more.

This can depend on several things, such as:

The Size Of Your Driveway

The size of the surface area that needs to be pressure washed will determine the timeline in many cases.

A smaller driveway or area can be done relatively quickly with a smaller crew. The larger your property or area that needs to be pressure washed, the more time that’s going to take to do it properly.


The porosity and texture of your concrete surface can determine how long it will take. A smoother texture could be faster to clean.

However, a more porous texture will trap more dirt, debris, and grime underneath. Therefore, it could take longer to do the job properly.

Grease And Oil Stains

If there are grease and oil stains on your property, this is going to add to the amount of time that it takes to pressure wash it properly.

Algae, Mold, And Mildew

If these airborne particles get into the surrounding area of your home, it can cause a lot of respiratory issues for your family of course. Therefore, it’s best to thoroughly pressure wash your concrete to get rid of this grime. That in and of itself can take a little bit longer during the process.

Streaks Or Tire Markings

If the area has been heavily used by vehicles there could be a lot of tire markings and streaks left behind. These skid marks can take a while to get out.

The Skill Of The Operator

Obviously the more expertise that the power washers bring then the faster the job will be done — while still maintaining a quality and safe outcome.

After all, asking how long it takes is important. But the question of “How long does pressure washing a driveway last” is another aspect to consider altogether. And quality workmanship equals longer lasting results.

How To Speed Up The Pressure Washing Process

In order to make your concrete pressure washing go faster, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Prepare The Area Beforehand

You can remove debris, sticks, leaves, rocks, and other things that may create obstacles to cleaning it.

You also may want to remove furniture, plants, or other mobile items to keep them out of harm’s way. After all, there’s a lot of pressure coming out of those nozzles.

Hire The Right Company

Hiring a company like Absolute Lawn Pros, Inc. will ensure that your job gets done faster. That doesn’t mean we’ll sacrifice quality or attention to detail, however.

It just means that our experts have done more projects and have the proper training to do it right the first time around. After all, the last thing you want is to hire someone else simply to have a real company come out and fix their mistakes.

Use The Right Equipment

From the nozzle size, to the style, to the level of pressure, to solution mixtures, there is so much to consider when properly pressure washing concrete. So, having the right professional equipment is of the utmost importance.

Learn More About Concrete Pressure Washing Today

If you have any other questions, such as “How long should it take to pressure wash your driveway” or anything else, contact the experts at Absolute Lawn Pros, Inc.

We’ll ensure your home looks stunning all year round. After all, our state is known for its beautiful, yet surprising weather.

So let’s make sure your commercial or residential property is in the best shape it’s ever been in. Contact us now for the best concrete pressure washing in Alpharetta.

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