You’ve got the basics under control in your Johns Creek yard—the lawn is nicely mowed and edged, and there are a couple of small gardening beds with pretty flowers. But your property is pretty large, and you’ve got dreams of more. You’d love to think of your backyard as more of a garden oasis, and you wouldn’t mind the neighbors slowing down as they drove by the front of your house in admiration. What are some of the ways you can take your yard from basic to beyond? Consult with Absolute Lawn Pros and learn about some ways they can help with outstanding lawn service in Johns Creek.

New Beds

One of the best ways to change your landscape from a basic appearance to something more special is to add garden beds. With professional preparation of the ground and quality edging, you can get set up to support whatever style of plantings you wish to add.

New Sod

Sometimes planting beds get installed in a location that is not ideal, and the only practical answer is to get rid of the bed and add square footage to your lawn. It can be a real challenge getting grass to grow well, with varying levels of the sun in your yard combined with the clay soil common in this part of Georgia. A consultation with professionals can help determine how best to convert an old bed to a grassy area.

Trees and Shrubs

There is a wide variety of geographically-appropriate trees and shrubs that you can consider for your yard. Whether your desired result is increased shade, increased color, or a specific appearance, the professionals at Absolute Lawn Pros would love to work with you to come up with a fantastic design for your space. It’s also possible that you have trees or large shrubs that are interfering with the beauty or functionality of the house, perhaps risking damage to the roof or growing too close to your house. The team can help with safe removal to get your yard back on track.

If you’re ready to get your Johns Creek yard to the next level, set up a consultation with Absolute Lawn Pros to discover what they can do to help get your yard in its best shape ever.