Field mice can be real pests to your lawn, and it’s no secret. No one wants to see little mice running around, eating up all their grass. Aside from chomping on grass stalks, these rodents can make holes to ruin your lawn as well.

This isn’t to mention the fact that they can eat or contaminate your food if you have a garden. To keep these field mice out of your lawn and prevent it from becoming worse, you need the right strategy.

So let’s talk about how to keep field mice out of your lawn, once and for all:

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Yard

So you’ve decided you don’t want to see a mouse digging holes in the yard ever again. One first step is hiring professional lawn experts, which comes with its own benefits. But let’s talk about some other great ways to keep field mice off of your lawn:

1: Keep Your Yard Waste In Check

A good question to start with first is “what attracts mice to your yard?” The thing is that mice like to find areas where they can be covered and safe.

Yard waste offers a great opportunity for them to hide so it’s something to avoid. This includes piles of leaves, compost, and more.

So consistently keeping the waste out of your backyard is one of the first ways to avoid attracting more mice.

2: Trim Your Backyard

Again, mice don’t like to be left in the open. They want somewhere that makes them feel less vulnerable to predators.

After all, foxes, birds, and other animals love to feast on mice. So anything that might be taller than the lawn, like extra tall grass or bushes, can be a hiding place for mice.

Contact lawn care services in Alpharetta to keep your bushes or other growth trimmed.

3: Mow And Look For Holes

Cut your lawn at least once a week. When you do, mow it short and clean and look for holes. In other words, keep it under two inches so that there’s nowhere to hide in the open field. If you detect mice by your home, get the professionals to take a closer look.

4: Clean The Compost Pile

It’s true that composting is a great way to provide fertilizer for gardens and more. However, it also attracts mice as well. Not only does it offer cover to the mice, but it provides an attractive food source.

Little scraps of food make easy snacks for these rodents. If you’re going to do composting, keep it closed. Invest in a compost tumbler if you can. This lifts the compost off of the ground.

It encloses it with a protective chamber so that rodents can’t get in. This lets you create powerful fertilizer while keeping mice at bay.

5: Get Rid Of Wood Piles

Yes, it’s a great feeling to fire up some fresh chopped wood for a fire, but you shouldn’t store this next to your home. If you pile up wood logs against your home, mice can become very comfortable there.

Instead, make sure the wood pile is a good distance away from the house. Twenty feet or more is a good start in terms of distance. You can consider using a shed or other detached building for support.

6: Clear The Home’s Perimeter

In addition to woodpiles, other parts of your landscape can become a mice haven. Consider investing in landscaping to keep bushes and tall grass to a minimum.

For instance, a nice tall hedge might look beautiful, but it’s also going to attract mice if it’s right up against your house.

Consider placing these away from the foundation a good distance, such as 2-3 feet. Consulting with landscaping experts can help you identify exactly the right distance. A small difference can make a big impact on keeping mice away.

Additional Tips

Keep Trash Cleaned Up

If you really want to keep your lawn green and free of rodents, then you need to keep an eye on your trash. Loose things can pile up before you know it. You might have extra patio furniture, pool supplies, or yard tools lying around.

Aside from keeping your lawn looking nice, it’s also important to remove this trash frequently because of mice. Otherwise that overturned wheelbarrow or pile of twigs can turn into a mice hotel.

Keep Other Animal Food Out Of Reach

It might seem convenient to keep food for your cat or dog on the porch outside. However, mice will see this as a free, easy meal. The same thing goes for feeding birds or squirrels. These nuts and seeds are like heaven to a mouse.

They can climb as well, so even if you think you have it out of reach, you might start seeing mice climbing up your trees or different poles to access the food. Use a metal pool for bird feed. And when you’re done feeding your pets, take their food inside.

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Avoid A Garden Near The House

Plant your garden at least 20 feet away from your house. Hopefully, even if they get to your veggies, they won’t infiltrate your house as well.

Protect Young Trees

Wrap up young trees so that the mice don’t eat the bark. They love to gnaw their teeth on young, fresh bark. Use a metal mesh or a plastic sheet so that your saplings can grow freely.

Keep Your Yard Free Of Field Mice in Alpharetta

Keeping field mice out of your yard is crucial for a healthy, green turf. From the right types of grass to the right types of anti-mice treatment, Absolute Lawn Pros can help you.

Contact the experts today and keep your lawn looking excellent without annoying rodents.

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