Cutting your grass is a necessary chore, but dealing with the aftermath can be a pain. What should you do with grass clippings after mowing? There are many creative ways you can either use or dispose of clippings, depending on what kind of yard you have and how much time/energy you want to put into it. This post will discuss five methods for disposing of or reusing clippings!

Method One: Composting

What should you do with grass clippings? Composting is the top choice! If you have the time and space, composting is a great way to recycle your grass clippings. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, but it also creates nutrient-rich soil for your garden! All you need is a compost bin, some brown leaves or twigs, and water.

Method Two: Mulching

Another easy option for what to do with grass clippings is mulching. This simply means layering them around plants to act as organic insulation and prevent weed growth. You can either use a mower with a mulching blade attachment or do it by hand with a rake or shovel.

Method Three: Leaving Them on the Lawn

If you don’t want to pick up your clippings, you can leave them on the lawn. The next time it rains or snows, they will be naturally redistributed across your yard for better coverage and erosion control.

Method Four: Use Them for Fuel

Here’s a creative answer to what to do with lawn clippings. If you’re not interested in composting or mulching with grass clippings, there are other options like using them as fuel! They burn very well when combined with dry leaves and twigs…not recommended if fire hazards aren’t something you enjoy dealing with, though.

Method Five: Feed Them to Livestock/Animals

Depending on how much of a gardener (or animal lover) you are, this could either be great for recycling or terrible because who wants to eat grass clippings? If you have livestock like chickens, rabbits, or goats, they will love you for providing them with a free and nutritious snack! Just make sure not to give them too much or it could cause digestive problems.

So there are five easy ways to recycle your grass clippings using various methods depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you’re composting, mulching, leaving them on the lawn, burning them as fuel, or feeding them to animals, there’s no reason to let those pesky clippings go to waste! Happy gardening! 🙂

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