Basic lawn care is a necessary part of yard maintenance, but the results for your yard will be pretty basic as well. Your yard makes a statement about your Alpharetta property—what does yours say? If you are ready to take your yard to the next level, consider some of these services.

Mowing Plus Edging

Do you know the optimal height for lawn mowing to maintain grass health and appearance? Keeping your lawn at the proper level, with careful edging as appropriate, creates an excellent base for your yard.


Proper fertilization varies significantly in different areas of the country. Some climates are wetter, and some have hard winters—it’s critical to understand the weather-related science of your landscape to determine the best way to fertilize your yard. Professional lawn service companies have extensive knowledge of the particulars of Georgia weather and know exactly what kinds of products to recommend for your yard.


Aerating your lawn is one of the most beneficial services you can give to the soil and grass, yet many homeowners either don’t know of its benefits or choose not to do it. The process involves removing small plugs of soil from across your lawn, allowing the roots to get access to water and nutrients more easily and resulting in a healthier growth. Manual aeration is possible but tedious; a better solution is using a power aerator to do the job more efficiently and effectively.

Weed Control

Weeds can detract from the beauty of your yard and if left uncontrolled, they can take over areas of your lawn or garden space. By identifying weed problems early and addressing them quickly, you can maintain a pleasant and healthy yard.

Garden Enhancement

Adding additional elements to your garden can add value to your house in many ways. Adding trees can possibly reduce energy costs by increasing shade, in addition to adding aesthetic appeal. If you add shrubs around the property, it can help provide a sense of privacy and seclusion. Design experts can help you make the best plan for your property based on your needs as well as value considerations.

Are you ready to help your yard become the envy of the neighborhood? Call Absolute Lawn Care and get started on your Alpharetta lawn service plan that will get your yard in tip-top shape!

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