Having a beautiful lawn is one of the aspects of the American dream. But if you’ve noticed that recently your lawn is looking a little bit less than excellent, you’re not alone.

People reach out to Absolute Lawn Pros all the time for lawn care in Cumming. The reason is because the humidity and hot weather here in our state make your grass vulnerable to a variety of ailments.

So if you’re noticing some discoloration on your lawn, don’t worry. Keep reading and we’ll talk about how to understand the difference between dollar spot vs brown patch as well as what to do about it. The result is that you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn once again.

The Difference Between Dollar Spot And Brown Patch

Invasive fungus causes both brown patch and brown dollar spot grass diseases. But there are some distinctions:

Brown Patch

A brown patch, also called brown spot lawn disease, looks like a brownish-yellow patch in an irregular circle pattern. It’s contagious so it can spread quickly.

It may start out only around six inches, however it can end up being several feet in diameter. When the temperatures are hotter, such as 80 degrees or more, then the disease accelerates. And of course, in Georgia, that represents a good portion of the year, increasing your lawn’s risk more than other locations.

The humidity also contributes to the fungus since these nasty little entities love wet environments.

Dollar Spot

What does a dollar spot look like? A dollar spot starts out as a circular, tight, small circle cluster. That’s where the name comes from since the size and shape are roughly that of a US silver dollar. This disease typically has a straw coloration and sometimes a brown border.

Like the other type of fungus, these can spread if you don’t get proper lawn maintenance done.

A lot of the confusion between the dollar spot and brown patch comes because the dollar spot starts out small and can grow larger.

Getting Rid Of Dollar Spot And Brown Patch Fungi

One of the best ways to get rid of these invasive fungi is with proper lawn maintenance and care. Lawn fungus control is an important service that Absolute Lawn Pros can provide for you.

Whether applying the right fungus-killing solution, keeping your grass trimmed short, or getting rid of excess moisture, we’ll take a holistic approach. That way, the fungi are wiped out, and your lawn is back to being healthy, green, and full once again.

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Whether you need weed control, lawn fertilization, or other types of lawn maintenance, we can help.

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