Lawns are beautiful when they’re in full, healthy bloom. But sometimes, lawns turn into a brownish-grey mess that looks more like dirt than grass. It’s not just old age—sometimes, homeowners have to work to bring their lawn back from the dead.

While our lawn care service in Cumming is happy to help, you might want to try to revive dead grass on your own first. Here are some tips for getting your yard looking fresh again!

Tips for How to Revive a Dead Lawn:

  • Take action as soon as you notice that something’s wrong with the grass. The longer grass is allowed to remain in poor condition, the harder it is to treat.
  • Small patches of brown may be caused by over-watering or under-moisturizing. If you are noticing smaller brown patches, ask yourself if you think you’ve been watering too much or not enough and experiment with some adjustments.
  • Larger areas of brown grass are probably a sign of root damage due to pests or disease. If this is the case, it’ll take more than just a little water to bring your grass back from the dead. A soil test will help you determine what conditions are best for your lawn so that you can provide it with the nutrients, pH levels, and moisture content needed to thrive in its current state.
  • Water the lawn at least once a week. This is often one of the easiest ways to save dying grass.
  • Apply fertilizer to your grass according to package directions and consider adding lime if you have acidic soil.
  • Create proper drainage by removing any debris or rocks from where water pools around trees, hedges, etc., so that it can flow away naturally instead of sitting stagnant on the lawn.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t just water your lawn in hopes that it’ll come back. How to revive brown grass will almost always require more than just water.
  • While watering the soil is important, over-watering can actually cause more damage by creating conditions for fungus and other pests. Be careful not to oversaturate your lawn.
  • If you have a healthy root system, the grass will grow back by itself as long as it has enough water and sunlight. However, if those bare patches are due to pests or disease damage, they may not come back on their own—in this case, you’ll need help from professionals who know the best ways to treat your lawn for the best results.

This is where hiring a landscaping company can be really helpful because they’ll know how and when to fertilize and treat your grass so that it comes back healthier than ever! They may also need you to do some preventative maintenance like treating the soil with pesticides or mowing low. For help with lawn care in Alpharetta, Contact Absolute Lawn Pros.

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