Your beautiful Johns Creek lawn can be ruined by just one weed, but weeds rarely pop up one at a time. Usually, when there is one, there are way, way more. Absolute Lawn Pros can provide lawn care service in Cumming and help you deal with those pesky weeds.

Here Is a Guide to 5 Common Weeds

#1 Dandelions

The green leaves of the dandelion grow nearly flat on the ground and look like they have teeth. The flower is bright yellow at first, and then it turns white a fluffy. They generally pop up in the Spring and then again in the Fall. In order to minimize the number of dandelions, you will want to mow the grass a little higher and make sure you give your grass plenty of fertilizer. Our John’s Creek lawn care service technicians can use weed killers to get rid of any dandelions you see if that is your desire.

#2 Crabgrass

While it may germinate in the Spring when you really start seeing the crabgrass is in the Summer. This weed looks a lot like regular grass, but it is a blue-green color and grows in “crab-shaped” circles on your lawn. This can be a difficult grass to get rid off, so most lawn care companies opt for prevention instead of trying to fix the damage at a later date.

#3 White Clover

When lawns are thin and the soil isn’t very nutritious, white clover thrives. The bright green leaves have the classic shamrock look, and the little bulbous flowers are white in color. The best way to keep clover off of your grass is to fertilize it regularly.

#4 Dollarweed/Pennywort

This particular weed goes by two names dollarweed and pennywort. It has bright green leaves that have a rounded shape with ridges around the edges. It grows very well in areas where the climate is warm. Shady spots where the grass doesn’t grow well is the very place this weed will attack. Mowing high and watering less frequently will help curb the amount of dollarweed in your yard.

#5 Oxalis

This weed also goes by another name, wood sorrel. The leaves have a heart-shape to them, and the tine flower is bright and sunny yellow. It pops up nearly everywhere in the Summer months. Keeping up with the fertilizer and watering deeply at infrequent intervals seems to be the way this weed off your lawn.

Absolute Lawn can provide the lawn care services you need in the Johns Creek area. Contact us to discuss your lawn needs, we can help fertilize, remove weeds, mow, and water your lawn.

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