There are many different types of lawn pests that can cause problems for your yard. One of the most common is grubs. Grubs are beetles that feed on roots and other plant material underground, which causes dead patches in your lawn. These grubs will also eat away at anything else they come into contact with – like your garden or flowerbeds! Here are 7 signs you might have a grub problem in your lawn.

1) Dead patches in the grass

Grubs burrow into the roots of your grass, causing dead patches. If you have more than one patch in your yard that is getting worse over time, it’s a good sign of grubs on your lawn.

2) Browning patches where nothing grows

If there are no leaves coming out from this area and it starts looking yellow or brown, then grub damage might be what is causing this. Grubs will also feed on the roots of your plants and flowers, which can cause them to die.

3) Uneven growth

Grubs can cause your lawn to grow unevenly as it damages the root system. If you notice one area of your yard looking very different than another, this could be a sign that grubs are present and causing damage.

4) Bare spots

Another method of how to tell if there are grubs in your yard? Bare spots in your lawn can be a sign that something is wrong. If there are areas where the grass has died and not been replaced, it’s likely that the grubs were responsible.

5) Ground that feels spongy

If your lawn feels spongy when you walk on it, there is a chance that grubs are present. These bugs will eat the roots of your grass, leaving nothing to hold down the soil and keep it from becoming loose or soft.

6) Chalky soil

When you remove a section of sod from your yard, the soil below it should be a light brown color. If it is chalky white, this could be an indication that there are grubs feeding on the roots of your plants.

7) Rotten stumps

If you have any rotten stumps in your yard, there is a good chance that grubs are the cause. These pests love to feed on decaying wood, and will often make their home in old stumps.

If you see any of these signs, it’s likely that you have a grub problem in your lawn. The best way to get rid of them is to call in professional lawn care in Cumming, like Absolute Lawn Pros. We will be able to treat your yard and get rid of all the grubs, so your lawn can start looking healthy again.

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