You may think that you don’t have the time or the energy to have the best looking lawn in Alpharetta, but with lawn service from Absolute Lawn Pros, you absolutely do! It doesn’t matter if you are new to your neighborhood or have lived in Alpharetta your whole life, you can have a fantastic looking lawn with the help of Absolute Lawn Pros and these three handy lawn hacks!

1 Use the Right Products

Whenever possible, use combination products on your lawn. No one has time to first do a fertilizer, then get rid of weeds in lawn then use something to control the crabgrass, then do a product that kills the fire ants…it would be virtually endless Lawn maintenance. Instead, opt for a combination product that can accomplish several of these tasks all at once. For instance, there are products that can kill fire ants, act as a fertilizer, and eliminate weeds like clover. Now isn’t that a time saver?

2 Fix the Old

Sometimes, there will be spots in your lawn that you just don’t love. Maybe your dog has a favorite place to do his business that has killed the grass, or maybe you tore out a big shrub such as pampas grass and you are left with a big dirt spot. Whatever it is you don’t like, it can usually be faster, easier, and cheaper to fix that one trouble spot then to try to start over from scratch.

3 Mow Faster

While Absolute Lawn Pros can handle the mowing for you if you desire, you may find that you get some enjoyment out of mowing and what to do it yourself. That enjoyment doesn’t mean you want to spend the entire day doing it, however. To be more efficient, try to use a pattern with the least amount of turns like a spiral or a stripe. Our lawn service pros in Alpharetta like to alternate between different styles of patterns to reduce some of the wear and tear on your grass.

Now that you know these three handy lawn hacks, you probably feel ready to tackle those outdoor chores. If you aren’t convinced, though, give Absolute Lawn Pros a call, and let us worry about providing the lawn service. We will do our best to make sure that you have the lushes lawn in your Alpharetta neighborhood. Our lawn experts have a few tricks up their sleeves!