If you love to garden, you might be dreaming about taking things to the next level by building a greenhouse. At Absolute Lawn Pros, we think this is a great idea—so long as you take the right approach. Before you get started on your greenhouse building, here are 10 things you need to know.

Different Plants Need Different Environments

You might assume that just by having a greenhouse, you will be able to grow whatever you want. However, just like outdoors, different plants have different needs. Before building, know what types of plants you

The Ideal Location for Your Greenhouse

You want to select a spot that isn’t going to prevent other uses of your outdoor space or block your views. At the same time, it needs to be easy to access. Also, ensure that it has plenty of sun exposure.

How Large Your Greenhouse Should Be

As you know, plants grow, and some of them grow quite large. You need to make sure that you are planning for the right size for the type and number of plants you intend to keep.

Which Materials Are Best

Making a greenhouse means purchasing the materials. But which ones? Plastic is good for a temporary structure, but if you want it to last, go with wood or aluminum.

The Type of Glazing Material You Need

The traditional route to take is to use glass, but this is expensive, and there is the risk of breakage. If you cannot afford safety glazing or tempered glass, you can opt for twin-wall polycarbonate.

How to Set Up the Irrigation System

What do you need for a greenhouse? Water. And it is essential that you have a quality irrigation system. Keep in mind that depending on the types of plants you grow, this is more complex than just running a hose to the building; you may need to control things like the alkalinity, pH, and soluble salt content.

What Type of Drainage System You Need

Where there is water, there is a need for drainage. How complex this is will depend on the size of your greenhouse. With a small structure, you may just need a single drain. In other cases, you can need multiple drains and canals to direct water.

How You Will Control the Environment

The structure alone will not provide the level of control you need. An effective greenhouse needs a complete climate control system, adjusting everything from temperature to humidity.

Which Safety and Comfort Features You Want

A greenhouse is a place of work, but it can also be a spot for relaxation. You want to be sure that you feel comfortable and safe when inside. Which features you need for this, however, depends on your own goals. At the very least, take extra precautions with your electric work due to the dampness of the space.

Who Your Partner in Upkeep Will Be

Although it is possible to go fully DIY with your greenhouse, chances are you will want some assistance. Absolute Lawn Pros is here for you. As a lawn care service in Cumming, we also offer comprehensive solutions to all your lawn and garden needs in Suwanee, Johns creek.

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