You’ve weighed the pros and cons, and you’ve decided to engage a lawn care company to help keep your home in its best outdoor shape. But a quick look online reveals dozens of companies happy to do the job—how can you compare them effectively and choose the one that’s best for you? Take a look below at some of the key questions to help you differentiate.

What do you know?

One reason you’re likely considering a lawn mowing company is their presumed expertise in what are the appropriate treatments for Georgia lawns and landscapes—feel free to ask the company for details. Do they have master gardeners certified in a related field? How many years of experience does the average employee have? How many properties have they done landscape design for—and can they show you before and after photos so you can review for yourself?

What services do you offer?

You should identify the services that you know you need ahead of a conversation and ensure that the company can complete those at a minimum. They will likely offer additional services that they feel might add value to your property, so carefully consider whether to add these to the list of services that you’d like to secure.

What will it cost?

Make sure to ask for a fixed quote for the work you desire, either on a one-time or ongoing basis, with a clear description of exactly what services are included for the price. Some services incur a separate cost, and other services may be charged differently if you use them once versus using them for an entire season or calendar year.

What are other logistics I need to be aware of?

You should clarify other logistical issues that apply to your situation, including but not limited to: what to do about pets that might be in the yard, whether you need to be home during service, how they take underground sprinkler systems into account, or what happens if there is a weather-related delay in service.

What do others think?

A reputable lawn mowing company should be able to provide references upon request, but it’s likely they will all be positive, as the company vetted them. Be sure to do independent research online to see if you find any glaring red flags about the professionalism of the company you’re choosing.

You should not hesitate to ask any questions you’d like to feel comfortable with your choice of lawn care company—get your list ready and give Absolute Lawn Pros a call today!